Friday, February 16, 2007

A Perfect-Lee Played Game

I imagine many Knick fans like myself watched the Rookie-Sophomore game like a proud father watching his son. David Lee showed NBA fans why the Knicks finally have a future. Lee was perfect from the field going 14-14 and was named MVP of the game. Obviously, the game didn't have much defense and the actual results don't really mean much, but it was nice to see Lee get some exposure and show how good of a player he is. Unfortunately for Isiah, he may feel even more pressure to start Lee after the All-Star break. I personally think Lee does better off the bench and he is always in the lineup at the end of the games anyway. This performance almost feels like a coming out party for Lee. Imagine if he could improve his jump shot and defense. Something to look forward to, thats for sure.

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